Managing Your First Project: Project Management Quick Start

Download Managing Your First Project: Project Management Quick Start


Thomas Ghantt, "Managing Your First Project: Project Management Quick Start"

2012 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B00ACXP2TO | English | 56 Pages | EPUB | 0.35 MB

This book is written for anyone who needs a quick guide to getting started on a project. Thousands of people find themselves managing projects every day, whether for school, their company, church, not-for-profit charities or even around their house. And most of these people have never received any formal training or education in project management. They, like you, might have some examples of success and failures, but have nothing to guide them for better results every time. Not until now that is.

Regardless of whether your project is to plan a PTA fund raiser, remodel your house, complete a community service project, install new software in your company`s office or any other event, applying the simple to follow instructions in this book will improve your chances of having both a successful and stress free project.

This book is based on years of practical experience combined with formal project management education, training and research. It was written to cut right to what is most important in managing a project. And while all of the information found could be learned on your own by taking classes and researching the internet, this book provides you with something most teachers or guides do not – a simple, step by step guide to follow to manage your project.

If you are just starting out managing a project or have been managing events you didn`t even consider to be a project this book will show you a proven method for planning your project and by doing so, avoiding some of the frustrations often faced with trying to get a group of people to work towards a common goal.

Download Managing Your First Project: Project Management Quick Start

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