The Syntax of Possession in Japanese

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English | ISBN: 0415941628, 1138878324 | 2002 | 212 pages | PDF | 4 MB

About Author

I am teaching first and second Japanese courses in the Japanese program of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the George Washington University. I have been trained in TESOL and acquired a Master`s degree in Applied Linguistics at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Then, I studied theoretical linguistics at Georgetown University to deepen my understanding of language and language learning. Accordingly, my interests range from more "formal" or structural aspects of Japanese grammar, such as morphology and syntax, to first and second language acquisition of Japanese, as well as pedagogical applications of linguistic theories. I am also very much interested in effective use of technology in classroom. In my teaching, I aspire to fully utilize my linguistic knowledge to provide accurate and consistent explanations, without making them too complicated or technical. At the same time, through teaching Japanese, I am constantly being reminded of the richness and the depth of the language as the object of linguistic study. I find my teaching quite rewarding as it is a "learning" experience as much or more so for me than for my students. 

Download The Syntax of Possession in Japanese

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