Lubricants and Lubrication (2nd edition)

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Published: 2007-04-09 | ISBN: 3527314970 | PDF | 890 pages | 7 MB

This completely revised second edition incorporates the latest data available and reflects the knowledge of one of the largest companies active in the business. The authors take into account the interdisciplinary character of the field, considering aspects of engineering, materials science, chemistry, health and safety. The result is a volume providing chemists and engineers with a clear interdisciplinary introduction and guide to all major lubricant applications, focusing not only on the various products but also on specific application engineering criteria.
Theo Mang gained his diploma in mining engineering in 1963, and his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Clausthal, Germany, in 1967. Since 1998 he has been Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the RWTH, Aachen. He began working in the field of lubricants at Fuchs in Mannheim in 1967, becoming head of the technical department in 1980 and a member of the Executive Board of the global Fuchs Group from 1983 until 2001, responsible initially for technology and later for group purchasing and human resources. Professor Mang is a recipient of the Georg-Vogelpohl-Award of the German Society of Tribology and has 80 publications to his name.
Wilfried Dresel received his diploma in chemistry in 1972 from the University of Karlsruhe, and his doctorate in 1976 in carbosilane chemistry. He began his industrial career the following year in the field of preparative organic and pharmaceutical chemistry, and between 1979 and 1983 worked for a small company on lubricants for fine mechanical instruments. Dr. Dresel joined Fuchs in 1984, where he is responsible for the development of lubricating greases, initially on a national, and subsequently on a global basis. He has authored 35 scientific papers and contributions to books.

Download Lubricants and Lubrication (2nd edition)

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